Sueric's Commentary:

Angelica Incarnate is, first and foremost, my cheerleader.  She is always there when I need to smile or laugh, always doing things to make my life just a little easier.  Whether she’s beta’ing a chapter, answering emails, joking around with me, or even, yes, making me cookies, this girl is absolutely precious in the sweetest sense of the word.

A sensitive soul with a heart of pure gold, Angelica really does go out of her way to make my life better.  She really is someone special, and I’m so proud to have her---and all of the betas---on my side.  She tends to be much more tactful than the rest of us, and she is just an absolute doll.  Without her support and her gentle encouragement, I'd be a lot worse off.



Angelica Incarnate can also be found on Deviant Art.



Ahhh, what to say about Scherezade? Whether writing humor, fluff, or hentai, Scherezade is just a joy to read! The two longer fics that she has started show great potential in all three departments and her one shots are at least twice or three times as long as most you will find. Her writing is just hot! What can I say... hentai draws the hentai and I AM one of the hentai betas. LOL, though the wait is a difficult one, her updates are well worth it.

Silent Sky

A promising action and suspense writer with a blossoming talent in romance, Silent Sky brings new ideas into the world of InuYasha. She explores some of the darker aspects of the characters, looking beyond the character dimensions and situations that Takahashi created. When she's posting a story, her updates are consistent and when she's between stories, her work is worth the wait.


An impressive new author with guts, attitude, and talent---SoutasSister writes angst and drama like it's her job and spices an already attractive package up with a good dollop of romance. I came across her work while working for the fanfiction review guild and am I glad I reviewed for her! Her story does a wonderful job of portraying the...humanity, if you will, of the Inu-tachi; exploring their desires and how they act on them. I let out a squeal of delight whenever I receive an update notice for her work.