Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Update again

Hey, guys.  I just wanted to thank everyone who has helped out or send their kindest regards to us.  We’re closing in on our goal (and praying that the repairs won’t go over the estimates).  We’ve got to get the new roof on in the next week, though.  Apparently the “person” who turned us in to the welfare before for the roof (grrrrr) is at it again, and while I was able to put them off for a couple weeks before they come over for another inspection, I’m hoping that we can get the new roof up before they do visit.  I feel so frustrated, so angry, and so disillusioned at the moment that I just want to go crawl into a hole somewhere and disappear.  I mean, it just feels like no matter how hard I try, I just can’t seem to get things together.  The claims against us are stupid; it’s not like we’re just ignoring the problem, and really, it’s partially welfare’s fault, too, considering they can’t seem to understand that the thing that caused our financial problems this time around–Skylar’s seizures–should have been covered by medicaid because he’s disabled, and it says a much on their website, yet they keep telling us over and over that we “make too much money”.  Yeah, right.

So once more, I am asking–begging–anyone who can spare it to please, please help us if you can.  It’s appreciated more than you’ll ever know.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Update: Well, we’ve found out that we need to replace the flashing in on the roof, too.  It’s so rotted that if we don’t, the new roof will just slide right off of it eventually.  Not a huge thing, but we’re now about 250 short of the goal because of the extra work.  I’ve tried talking some of the local lumber companies into giving us a deal, but it hasn’t gotten me anywhere.  Any help would still be appreciated.  Thanks to everyone who has helped out so far 🙂
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