If you submitted a fanart and it's not on either fanart page, please do resubmit it!  In the process of fixing my computer, I'm afraid some things got deleted, and while I tried to save all the images, I might have missed a couple, and for that, I'm truly sorry.

These fanarts come from various people, all of whom are credited here with the arts as well as their names.  These humble me and make me happy on days when I feel like I just want to give up. 

Please bear in mind that all images MUST be:

---In JPG format

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---Submissions on lined paper will no longer be accepted for site art

---Must be inspired by my fanfictions ...

Be sure to include a link to your website, if applicable (Deviant art pages are acceptable)!

Feel free to send in your arts, but please make sure all fanarts are clearly marked with your name!  Thanks!

Thank you!


Lifetime Mates by Aspendragon

Cain Sniffing Gin by Beppin89

Gin Izaoi [Red] by Beppin89

Sydnie [Kit] by Beppin89

Gin & Cain Kiss by G. Corcione

Night Kissing by G. Corcione

Evan Fanart by enyce122

Evan Fanart 2 by enyce122

Cain & Gin by Ilsa

Toga by Ilsa

Kichiro & Belle by Jesachi

Gavin & Jillian by Jesachi

Baby Got Rack by Kapitan Nemo

Consistency by LadyDragonTamer

Consistency 2 by LadyDragonTamer

Toga Revealed by LadyMac

Cain by Jenna Marchione

Cain [Dog Form] by Jenna Marchione

Toga by ML Marchland

Jillian's Magazine Cover by Miko Ten

Gin by Neko Oni

Ryomaru & Kichiro by nyaaaaaauuuuuuuu

Gin by OROsan0677

Baby Girl Belle by Phalon

Kich Needs teh Sex by Phalon

Teh Kich V. 2 by Phalon

Toga in Color by Phalon

Pretty Please

(I apologize. I lost the artist's name. If it's yours, please email me!

Kichiro by Ressa

A Gin for Sueric by shikuro

Belle in Color by SilverStarWing

Ears by Sutasei

Gin by Suze Howe

Monk-In-Pain Red by T. Bissett

You Need No Candy by The-Only-Way-Out

Kissing Cousins by The Amber Dragonfly

Toga [Dog Form] by ThePioden

Daniella Cavendish by titiana

Evan Zelig over New York City by Titiana

Evan at the Bunny Hole by titiana

Evan Playing Piano by titiana

Ryomaru Kicking ASS! by titiana

Cuddle Time by Titiana

Jillian by Titiana

Kumiko by Titiana

Mother & Daughter by Titiana

Princess Lei-Me by Titiana

Sydnie in the Snow by Titiana

Evan & V by Titiana

Toga by tragic-hellion

Kit Cat [Sydnie] by Tryana357

Belle & Kich by xuaeved

Ryo & Nez a la Ritz by xuaeved

Ryomaru & Nezumi by xuaeved

The Cake Fairy by xuaeved

Toga by xuaeved

Baby Girl by Yun-chan

Down with Baka Brothers by Yun-chan

Gin in Color by Yun-chan

It's Gin Again by Yun-chan

Kich and Belle's Daughter by Yun-chan

The Cake Fairy by Yun-chan

Thinking of My Mate by Yun-chan

Toga by Yun-chan

Referenced Uchinanchu Duckie's sketch of Evan.


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