New to this, bear with me....

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Hello all, I'm VERY new to this blogging scene, so not sure what goes, what doesn't.

However, I've heard to write your thoughts and one that's been plaguing me is the type of P.E. Course I should take next semester:

There's Weight Training, Athletic Training, or Yoga. Now for weight training and athletic training I would be taking more to get into shape; so leaning more towards weight out of those two because I'm not really that athletic due to asthma (it's bad). However, I also really want to do Yoga because I've always found it fascinating, and I wouldn't mind getting some flexibility back to my body. Not to mention I hear it's a really good meditation technique.

So....thoughts??? Inputs???? All is appreciated, and I hope this first blog entry of mine was at least decent for a first time lol.
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  1. Sueric's Avatar
    I am not a yoga person, but any exercise is better than one at all. And awww your pic! You're so cute!
  2. OROsan0677's Avatar
    Thank you! Although I look 12 and not 25 lol.

    I should add that I just got a Kinect for my xbox and a Jillian Michaels game with is....that'll kick my butt!
  3. diyuu24's Avatar
    Asthma is a pain. I had it too many years back. Yoga is good. It can help your breathing problem also!
  4. OROsan0677's Avatar
    Ooh sweet, another added bonus! Mine has gone down, but when allergy season is in or when I get sick it acts up the most.
  5. Athena's Avatar
    I vote for Yoga but then again I've read many stories where knowing Yoga is very useful. Particularly in the H-E-N-T-A-I sense, if you catch my drift, LOL
  6. Sueric's Avatar
    Aaaaaaaaaaand you just KNEW that Athena was gonna go there, right ...?
  7. OROsan0677's Avatar
    I do.....you know, they say that the h-e-n-t-a-i-ness can help with asthma as well.
  8. Athena's Avatar
    Well I do have to uphold my status as a H-E-N-T-A-I wench. I do believe on the old board I was #1.
  9. OROsan0677's Avatar
    I think you were too! I know you were pretty high up there anyways.