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Thread: The Spoiler Room

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sueric View Post
    Go ye therefore and post 14 more times in counted forums then apply for membership to the aforementioned spoiler room.
    It's interesting to see an author showing the work in progress, since most authors don't do this.... I am going to try my best to reach that 15-post goal and I hope to see the ongoing works and contribute to it as well.

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    You already did lol ... let me see what I can do ... Oh, your post count shows on the left under your name, so that's how I check ... cuz I'm lazy that way.

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    Okay, I think I added you. If you refresh the forum, you should see the Spoiler Room. Just remember what you see in there stays in there LOL

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    Such as replying to your response or is it specific discussions that count toward the 15?

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    Any posts in any forum other than the games and I think there's one more other one count toward post count, including your intro thread if you choose to make one. The ones that are excluded should be clearly marked as not counting toward post count. Otherwise, it counts every post you make, and if you're not sure, check the right side under your name where you post and it will have Posts counted for you. Currently, you're at "2".

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    Just checked. Every post will count except for ones posted in the Mischief Makers or Games forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sueric View Post
    The Spoiler Room is once more open. You may join IF and ONLY IF you have 15 COUNTED posts (meaning not in forums where posts don't count.) After you have your 15 posts (or more), you can join the Spoiler Room Forum by PMing me to request access. Something happened to the permissions and it was allowing people to join, regardless of their post count, so I had to remove the group from being "public".

    Once approved, you MUST read the rules stickied to the top of that forum. Any failure to comply with those simple rules can and probably will result in the loss of the privilege forever.
    Rules changed. Thank you.

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    I thought I reached 15, I posted way back and then I was offline for awhile.

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    Am i at 15 yet?
    I know I'm not. Just posting to ask.

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    oh oops ... 15 LOL For some reason I kept thinking 20 ... which is ONLY sad when I realize I set that rule ...

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