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Thread: Oh The Hate

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    Oh The Hate

    This is what I see half the time when I try to post:

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    Something else I'm wondering. Are you using a lot of smilies in your posts? Because if you are, then try removing some before you post? There are limits on graphics/pics/links that might be setting off the forbidden message? I've gotten it a few times, and I have had to edit what I was saying/posting. Like in the Vecor thread, I couldn't post all of them in one which is why there are three posts for those links.

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    Nope. I haven't put any smilies at all. All you have is just a post full of words. Seriously think the board just hates me.

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    I think that's why you were initially having trouble posting your self-promo thread, too: the links. I have slightly different posting rules, so that might be why I was able to make and edit your post when you couldn't. I am starting to think it might well have something in your post that it doesn't like. Next time you run into that, PM me the contents of what you're trying to post so I can get a better look at it and see if I can't figure out why it's disallowing you in some instances.

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    I feel like it just picks and chooses random threads to deny me access. I thought it was my computer, but I got on for a few minutes here at work and it's still denying me posting access in some places. >.<

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