~~InuYasha's Birthday~~
~Chronicles One-Shot~



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The candlelight reminded her of nights spent around campfires. Dancing shadows on the walls cast the room in a warm glow, a tawny hue. The unscented candles were perfect, she decided as she glanced at the clock on the nightstand.
`Almost seven,' she read with a widening smile, anticipation snaking around her stomach, churning in a heady rush as she waited for him to walk in the door. Everything was ready. The children were at their grandmother's. A cold food arrangement was laid out on a blanket on the floor. The candles were all lit. Despite her own trepidation, she dug out the crimson catsuit that Shiori had given her as a wedding present years ago. She'd never worn it. She'd never had the nerve to put it on before. The skin-tight stretch lace didn't leave a thing to the imagination. All in all, she felt completely bare. `But will InuYasha like it . . . ?' She stuck her tongue out at her reflection. `He'd better or else . . .'
She wrinkled her nose and peeked at the clock again. Wringing her hands nervously, she pressed her palm against her belly and drew a deep, steadying breath. InuYasha would be home any moment. He was the only thing missing.
Inuakamori was accustomed to being with Grandma. He loved tagging around after Souta and Shippou, who was also supposed to be spending the night there, and Shippou always took his responsibility as a big brother very seriously. There wasn't a doubt in her mind that both boys were quite safe at the shrine. No, they would be fine, even if Kagome didn't like the empty feel in the house she called home.
But Junkozen . . .
She sighed as the sad look on Junkozen's face flashed through her mind. It was the first time their seven month-old daughter had spent the night away from them. Kagome cringed. It was the first time she'd been away from her at all . . . and InuYasha normally stretched out on the sofa with the girl on his chest until well after she'd fallen asleep, not that Kagome could blame her. InuYasha's chest was the most comfortable place to be, and it stood to reason Junkozen would love being there, too. Without her papa and mama, Kagome worried that Jun wouldn't be able to sleep.
She shook her head as she stared at the pillar candle burning on a crystal dish. `Or maybe it's just me, and maybe I'm worried about nothing.'
In the distance she heard the faint click of the closing door. Checking herself in the mirror once more as she tugged at the shoulder straps in hopes of just a little more frontal coverage, she took a deep breath and waited. `Come on now, Kagome . . . it's just one night, the kids will be fine, and InuYasha . . . it's his birthday, right? He'll love this.'
“Sneaky wench.”
“Welcome home.”
Lounging in the doorway with a slight smile and a very territorial light in his gaze, InuYasha let his eyes roam over Kagome without moving his head. “My pups?”
“My dinner?”
“My mate?”
Past ready.”
InuYasha drew a deep breath. “Keh . . . think you've got this all planned out?”
“Sure, I do. Happy birthday, dog-boy.” Kagome slowly strolled closer, wrapping one arm around InuYasha's neck as she traced his collarbone through the thin white shirt with her other hand. “Like my catsuit?”
She let her head fall back as she laughed. “Don't dogs chase cats?”
Staring down at the red stretch lace, InuYasha nodded slowly. “You're gonna make me chase you?”
She grinned, nibbling delicately along his jaw line. His body trembled against hers. “It might be fun . . . Would you chase me?”
“Any time, anywhere,” he agreed as he pulled her closer, body to body, the hard planes of him unyielding as the soft curves of her flesh molded against him. “Be easier if you don't make me do it, though.”
“You don't like it when I make things too easy for you,” she challenged as her tongue darted out to flick against the sensitive skin of his throat, the pulse strong, relentless, vibrant under her lips. “Are you hungry?”
She tried to step away. He held on. “Thought you said you're hungry.”
“You didn't ask what for.”
“We've got all night, InuYasha.”
“Good,” he agreed as he nipped at her earlobe, sending shivers down her spine as a shocking fire raced through her body. “We're gonna need it.”
“Be careful what you promise me. I'll hold you to it.”
“Is that a challenge?”
“Is that what you think?”
His golden gaze narrowed suspiciously. “Sneaky wench.”
She giggled as she extricated herself from his hold. Taking his hands and dragging him into the room, she gestured at the arrangement of food as he flicked his ears and hunkered down, face shifting into the pout she knew too well.
Suppressing another giggle, she sat down beside him, carefully choosing a rice ball to offer him. He regarded it without a change in expression, and when she lifted it to his lips, he grudgingly bit into it.
“That is just fucking mean,” he grumbled after he swallowed the food.
Kagome blinked innocently as she set the rest of the rice ball aside. “What's mean?”
He slipped his claw under the thin shoulder strap, rubbing her skin underneath with the back of his finger. “This.”
“But I'm wearing it for you.”
“Keh. `For me' would be not wearing anything at all.”
She tweaked his nose. “You're so bad.”
He tweaked her back. “And you're glad I am, too.”
“Are you going to pout all night? You know, Inuakamori pulled that on me earlier today. He didn't want to take a bath before he went to Mama's house.” Kagome stifled a sigh as the faces of her children came to mind once more.
He snorted. “Oh? And you never pout, Kagome? Keh!”
“Not nearly as much as you do,” she pointed out.
“Well, if he gets that from me, then I guess Junkozen gets her eyelash-batting from you,” he countered.
Kagome forced a thin smile. It was the best she could offer when she still had two pairs of bright golden eyes lingering in her mind. Full of silent accusation, they stared at her as if to say that she had abandoned them for the night. “Of course.”
He narrowed his gaze suspiciously. “Out with it. Something bothering you?”
She shook her head, stubbornly refusing to voice her worries about their children when she knew they were perfectly safe with her mother. “Not a thing.”
He snorted. “You really can't lie, wench.”
She sighed and shrugged, knowing that InuYasha wouldn't let it go until he'd gotten her to admit what really was troubling her. Sometimes he was more perceptive than she liked. “Akamori sneezed a few times this morning . . .” she began slowly, twisting her fingers together in a knot of wiggling flesh. She winced as InuYasha's hand covered hers to make her stop. “Junkozen felt a little warm, but that might have been because of her teeth started to break through her gums . . .”
Eyebrows drawing together under his thick fringe of silvery hair, InuYasha stared at her for several moments. She just knew that he thought she was being worried over nothing. “You want I should go get them?”
Kagome frowned and shook her head, caught off-guard by the gentle concern in his voice. That was enough to reassure her, and she waved off his question with a flick of her wrist. “What? No, of course not! They're fine, right? And Mama knows what to do for all that.”
InuYasha nodded slowly, doubt still lingering in his gaze. Leaning to the side to pull his cell phone from the black leather case, he flipped it open and started to dial the shrine. “So . . . do you want to call and check up on them?”
She forced a bright smile and fell against him, throwing her arms around his neck as the phone fell onto the floor with a dull thump. “No . . . they're fine, I'm sure . . . and it's your night, right? Where were we?”
He kissed her cheek and shifted her to the side so that he could retrieve the cell phone. “Well, it wouldn't take long to call and see, would it?”
Kagome leaned back to gaze apprehensively at her mate. “Do you want to check on them? Because if you did, then I wouldn't stop you.”
His ears twitched almost nervously, and he shrugged as he snapped the phone closed and tossed it up onto the bed. “Keh. Like you said, they're fine. Shippou's there too, right?”
Kagome nodded.
InuYasha pulled her back against his chest. “If something's wrong, your mother will call.”
She sighed at the doubtful tone to his voice, and she knew that he was trying to convince himself that what he said was true. Smiling as InuYasha nuzzled her neck, his lips moist, warm, entirely captivating, she willed herself to relax. She tried to put the children from her mind and concentrate on InuYasha. As much as she wanted to forget everything else in the world, the nagging thoughts kept clouding her mind, and when she opened her eyes, saw his beloved face, she also couldn't help but see the much smaller versions of Inuakamori and Junkozen's faces, too. “InuYasha?”
Kagome winced, part of her trying to talk the other part out of voicing her worries. “Junkozen just started pulling herself up on things . . . what if she falls?”
As soon as the words left her lips, she winced as the weight of guilt crashed down on her. It was supposed to be a special night, just the two of them. She'd planned it for days. Sango had helped her prepare the tray of light foods. Mrs. Higurashi has been more than willing to have the children for the night. Miroku had run all over Tokyo to find a few more unscented candles while the women had been busy. Even Sesshoumaru and Leikizu had pitched in, sending Nibori over to InuYasha's security firm to keep him busy just a little longer while Kagome put the finishing touches on what should be a night that InuYasha would remember for a long time.
InuYasha leaned back and crossed his arms over his chest, staring at Kagome with a thoughtful frown. “She's hanyou, Kagome, just like Aka. They'd be fine, even if your brother dropped them on their heads.”
Kagome's eyes widened in concern, and she sat up straight.
InuYasha shook his head. “You know he wouldn't do that,” he pointed out reasonably.
“I'm sorry,” she apologized quietly then took a deep breath and squared her shoulders. “I'm done worrying, I promise.”
He snorted. “Keh.”
“No, I am,” she insisted. “Just try me.”
InuYasha reached for her again, and this time Kagome did relax in his arms as he gathered her close. Claws grazing over the bare skin of her back, she shivered in a very pleasant way as he took his time coaxing her out of her worries. She tilted her head to kiss him, delighted in the way he gently sucked her lower lip. The simple and complete fulfillment of being held in his arms was slowly giving way to the blossoming strain of rising passion. A flick of the tongue, a nibble on her lips, a low growl of repressed longing warred in her for dominance over the fleeting glimpse of two little faces that kept darting through her mind.
He shifted her, laid her on the floor with all the gentleness and care he possessed. Kagome smiled at the demonstration of tenderness that her gruff hanyou didn't always show. He wasn't afraid to let her see these things anymore, these parts of himself that he used to hide. In the years since he'd first claimed her, he'd always been so giving, so nurturing, and even if he rarely spoke what he felt in his heart, his actions had always made up for his inability with words. The reverence he showed her now brought tears to her eyes as he cradled her cheek in his hand, as he feathered kisses on her lips.
“This catsuit can go straight to hell,” he growled.
Kagome opened her eyes and tried not to smile at the complete exasperation evident in InuYasha's expression as he glowered at the lingerie. “Something wrong?” she asked, her voice a husky whisper.
“Keh! How the fuck do I get this off you without shredding it?”
She nearly laughed at his obvious dilemma but thought better of it when the look on his face turned mutinous. “You promised,” she told him.
The pout resurfaced at her reminder. When she discovered that she was down to two pairs of panties because of his impatience, she'd managed to coerce a promise that he wouldn't shred any more of her clothing, and even though it was a promise that she often had to repeat, he hadn't shredded anything since. She grinned. If looks meant anything, he was about to break that promise . . .
“. . . Damn it.”
“Think of me as your present. How would you open that?”
He shot her a sidelong glance and snorted. “I'd rip the fucking paper off, wench, and you know it.”
She rolled her eyes and giggled. That's exactly what he would do . . .
A small, furry, white object caught her attention, and she rolled to the side to reach it. Dragging the thing out from under the bed, she stared at the stuffed dog as she remembered Inuakamori's upset before she'd taken the children to her mother's house.
Trying not to cry, the nearly five year-old hanyou's eyes were awash with unshed tears as Kagome tried to coax him into putting on his shoes. “But Mama, I can't find Dog!
Kagome smiled brightly as she pulled Junkozen's snowsuit over her red dress and carefully placed the hood over Jun's tiny silvery ears. “We'll find him. Grandma's got lots of toys, you know. I'm sure you won't miss your dog at all.”
Inuakamori shook his head miserably as he scuffed the toes of his shoes against the floor. “He's lost, and he gets scared when he's lost.”
`More like you get scared when you can't find him, ne?' Kagome thought as she reached over to pull her son into a snuggly embrace. “We'll find him, okay? I promise. We've got to go, though. Grandma's expecting you two. You're going to keep her company tonight, right?
Inuakamori nodded slowly. “Okay . . .”
She kissed his cheek and tweaked one of his tiny hanyou ears. He flicked the appendage in a perfect affectation of his father, and she giggled.
Blinking quickly to clear the reverie away, Kagome scowled as she cradled the beloved stuffed toy in her arms. “We couldn't find him earlier,” she said quietly.
InuYasha sighed. “You want me to take it to him?”
`Yes!' her mind screamed. “No . . . I'm sure he's fine without it.”
She could feel his gaze on her as she smoothed the dog's ears. “It'd only take a few minutes.”
Inexplicable tears filled her eyes, and despite her best efforts to keep them back, she could feel her bottom lip trembling as she stared at the dog and thought about the little boy who missed him, and the little girl she missed.
“Can't do it, can you?” he asked softly, his tone gentle despite the underlying hint of disappointment.
“I wanted your birthday to be special,” she admitted as the first tear fell, “and all I can do is think about the children.”
He sat up and pulled her into his arms with a defeated sigh. “Keh. I figured.” He held her for a minute, letting his heartbeat comfort her. “Do you . . . Junkozen . . . she's pretty young, to be away from . . . you.”
“I know,” Kagome squeaked in a small voice. “I thought I could do it. I know they're safe. I just . . .”
“I could get them,” he ventured casually—too casually. “It ain't that late . . .”
Suspicion clouded Kagome's mind as she sat up and wiped her cheeks. InuYasha was staring at the wall over her head, his cheeks tinged with the barest hint of pink despite the defiant set of his features. `He . . . he's as worried about them as I am . . .' Kagome hid her amusement as she nodded slowly. “If you don't think it's a bad idea . . .”
He set her aside and stood up. “Keh! Fine. I'll get `em. Leave it to you, Kagome,” he muttered as he stalked toward the door. “Anyway, you'd better change before I get back . . . unless you want the pups to see you in that.”
Kagome glanced down and wrinkled her nose. “Baka,” she mumbled under her breath as she stood up. With a small grin, she flipped on the overhead light and blew out the candles, happy in the knowledge that InuYasha was bringing her babies home.


InuYasha lay on the sofa staring at the fire dancing in the hearth as Junkozen's little hand tightened around his finger. Flinching slightly when her claws dug in a little too deeply, he flexed his finger enough for her to loosen her grasp. Kagome carefully lifted Inuakamori off the other end of the sofa where the boy had fallen asleep between InuYasha's legs. Stepping over long enough for InuYasha to ruffle his son's hair before she headed off to put him in his bed, Kagome smiled at the vision of her mate and her daughter.
`Not so bad,' InuYasha decided as Kagome disappeared around the corner. He'd spent his birthdays in much less pleasant ways before he'd met Kagome. For a time, he'd forgotten that he even had them. There hadn't been anyone to remind him or to ask him about it, until she came along. By the time she asked him when it was, he had forgotten. If it hadn't been for his mother's dairy, he probably never would have known. If it hadn't been for Kagome, he probably never would have cared.
Junkozen sighed in contentment as she wiggled around on his chest. InuYasha smiled as his gaze fell on her. Tiny hanyou ears twitching, monitoring her environment for anything out of the ordinary, her black eyelashes stark in contrast with her pale skin. `She looks like Kagome,' he thought as he smoothed her silvery hair, the hint of a smile lighting the depths of his gaze. `Keh . . . two sneaky wenches . . . figures.'
He could remember his life before Kagome, before Kikyou, before anyone. He could remember the loneliness and the emptiness when he'd searched for a place to belong. Those years were vague now, colored by the passage of time. Though he had suffered alone back then, he couldn't say he regretted anything, either. Those years of isolation may not have been kind, but in the end . . . Maybe those things had led him to Kagome and to a deeper appreciation for the things he had now, the things he used to think he'd never have at all. He grinned to himself as he leaned up to kiss his daughter's downy head. All in all, he had to admit, he wouldn't trade either Kagome or his pups for anything else in the world.
Kagome shuffled back into the living room with a happy little smile. Stopping in the doorway, leaning her shoulder against the frame as she stuffed her hands into the deep pockets of her bathrobe, Kagome caught his eye and winked. “Why don't you put her to bed, dog-boy? We've got some unfinished business.”
Swinging his legs off the sofa as he sat up, careful not to disturb his sleeping daughter, InuYasha stood up slowly and shifted Junkozen to one arm as he headed toward her bedroom.
Kagome kissed her forehead before InuYasha settled her in her crib. Junkozen whimpered until InuYasha uttered a low wuffing noise, not quite a bark but not a growl, either. Taking comfort in the sound, the toddler curled up under her pink blanket and slept.
He spared her one last, long look before Kagome took his hand and pulled him out of the room.
“Thank you,” she murmured as she let go of his hand and wandered into their bedroom. The candles had been stowed away; the remnants of dinner were gone. The reminders of the planned night of romance were gone, and yet InuYasha somehow liked this much better.
“Unfinished business,” he reminded her as she tugged on the delicate bow that held her robe closed.
She smiled mischievously. “Why is it that I'm better able to concentrate on you when the children are here?”
He felt his ears twitch as the soft rustle of the fabric on her body played on his senses. The tantalizing smell of her skin was muted by her clothing; the teasing sight of her delicate ankles, her slender calves wreaked havoc on his mind. A slow burn ignited inside him, fanned by the flash of her smile, the light in her sparkling eyes. “Dunno, wench.”
“Happy birthday, InuYasha,” she whispered as the robe fell to the floor.
He sucked in a deep breath as his equilibrium shifted. He knew that she was wearing one of his shirts earlier, as she normally did in lieu of a nightshirt. He hadn't realized she'd managed to remove that after putting Inuakamori to bed. She stood before him with one leg bent demurely, shoulders straight and proud, hair cascading over her shoulders, wearing nothing at all but her mischievous smile. “Damn, wench, I thought I told you to warn me before you do something like that,” he complained, watching in fascinated wonder as her nipples tightened under his scrutiny.
“I like that look on your face,” she answered. “Besides, you like to tear the wrapping paper.”
Two long strides were all that separated them. He closed the distance in a flash of moment. She pushed him back gently but firmly as he reached for her. The frustrated growl that slipped from his lips only made her smile widen. “Wench—”
She silenced him with a finger against his lips. “It's your birthday, remember?”
He snorted. “You're really pushing it, Kagome.”
She shook her head. “InuYasha, you do things for me all the time, things for our family. Tonight is for you.”
He didn't complain as she unbuttoned his shirt, kissing his chest as she revealed his skin. Eyes drifting closed as her hands brushed over him, as she burned a trail on his body with her lips, her tongue, he wanted to reach for her again. He didn't. Pushing his shirt off his shoulders, she stepped behind him to massage his back, his shoulders.
Pressing against him, she reached around to unfasten his pants. He winced at the ache that built at a dizzying pace as she pushed the rest of his clothing off. “Lie down, InuYasha. You're all tense.”
“Tense?” he choked out as he turned his head to stare at her. “Tense ain't got a damn thing to do with it.”
She actually laughed at him for that. He growled in frustration but stretched out on the bed, lying on his stomach as he buried his face in a pillow and steeled his resolve not to show her exactly how desperately he wanted her. `Sneaky wench! Just you wait, Kagome . . . I know when your birthday is, and I know where you live . . . You're gonna pay for this . . . damn it . . .'
He nearly shot off the bed when she straddled his back, legs tucked neatly against his hips. As it was, his body jerked under hers so violently that she pitched forward, her breasts smashing against him as he jammed his knuckle into his mouth and bit down hard. Her scent came at him in unrelenting waves, heady and earthy, completely Kagome. That scent never failed to bring him to his knees. Weakening his resolve, devastating his senses, her scent grew darker, deeper, far more intoxicating.
She calmly sat up and started massaging his shoulders, his neck, working out whatever tension she had caused as more of the same built inside him. It seemed like every muscle she worked into submission sent the dispelled pressure straight to his groin. The burn of unspent passion shifted into a white hot ache, a furtive pulse. He bit down harder, wincing as his own blood hit his tongue. `Fuck! She's really going to kill me,' he thought wildly.
“See? I knew this would be good for you,” she remarked with a pronounced air of satisfaction as she continued to massage the small of his back. She scooted away, and her movement unleashed another wave of her inebriating scent on his already overwrought senses. “InuYasha, look at me.”
He shook his head, flattening his ears against his skull as a low whine escaped him.
“Come on, InuYasha . . .”
He shook his head again, this time with an accompanying growl.
“Well, you need to turn over so I can massage your chest,” she told him.
“No,” he grumbled, his voice muffled by the pillow as he dug his claws into the coverlet.
“So you're going to lie on your stomach all night?”
“You gonna stop torturing me?”
“I'm not torturing you,” she argued as she climbed off him. “Turn over, and I'll show you.”
With a long-suffering sigh, InuYasha rolled over, his gaze capturing hers with a fierce intensity, an unearthly glow. Her eyes were bright, her cheeks flushed, and her breasts heaved with her labored breathing. He leaned up on his elbow and reached out to grab her. Before he could touch her, another sensation shocked him, staggered him. He fell back with a groan as her hands wrapped around him, squeezed him.
Whatever tenseness she'd managed to work out of him was back with a vengeance as he fought against the consuming need to dominate her. When the heat of her mouth engulfed him moments later, he couldn't help himself as he bucked his hips, unsure if he was trying to get away or not. The sweltering burn was relentless. He reached behind his head, grasped the headboard of the bed, felt his claws sink into the wood as he strained to keep from moving. Eyes squeezed closed, he didn't dare look at her, didn't dare watch what she was doing to him. Every frayed nerve screamed inside him as his muscles twitched, heaving against his skin in reckless abandon. She drew him in, deeper and deeper as a throaty moan escaped him.
Trouble was, she was entirely too good at it, or he was horrible at controlling himself. As she flicked her tongue against him, sucking on him in long, hard strokes, he felt the threads of his will unraveling as the ache raged into a painful swelling. “K-K-Kagome . . .”
Unable to hold back the whine that slipped from him as she sat back, InuYasha felt the headboard splinter under his grasp. She clucked her tongue when she heard the cracking wood.
In a blur of moment, he threw her back against the bed, pinned her down as she gasped in surprise. She opened her mouth to protest as he silenced her with a kiss. Her passion rivaled his as she leaned up to meet him. She welcomed the crush of his body against hers, lifted her hips to grind against him. He was too close, much too close, and the driving hunger that goaded him was quickly spinning out of his control.
She reached down between them, touched him again. The heat of her hand was overwhelming. He caught her wrists, held them in one hand over her head as she struggled to wiggle free. Intent on teaching her a lesson about her penchant for teasing him, InuYasha scooted down, flicked the tip of his tongue over her nipple. She cried out in response as he continued his assault.
Her body amazed him. The same beauty that he had first known had matured into the perfect embodiment of the one he called his soul mate. The initial excitement of their first few times together had grown into something better, freer, more amazing than anything he'd ever known. He knew her body as well as he knew his own, knew her reactions to him, knew the satin flesh that trembled in his arms. Dropping his mouth over her breast drew her low moan; raking his fangs over her flesh made her shudder. Taking care with her delicate skin, he licked, suckled her, teased her unmercifully as her scent shifted and pulsed. Her body was his playground, her heart was his soul, and her soul was his strength.
Grasping her breasts in his hands, he scooted down further to delve his tongue into her belly button. Her muscles contracted under his perusal as he kissed his way to the faint silvery scar, the lingering reminder of the plight that had brought them together. As much as he hated the violent reminder, the memory of the Shikon no Tama bursting from her body was soothing at the same time. Had it not been for that tainted, cursed jewel, he wouldn't have her now, wouldn't know her complete love, her beautiful essence.
Her words made no sense, her mumbled entreaties incoherent. She tugged on his shoulder, invited him with her outstretched hands, with the banked fire that burned under her half-closed eyelids as her knees fell further apart, as she opened herself to him.
Her scent came to him again, both gentle and wild. Drawing him in with the invisible lure of whispered promises, compelled to taste all of her, InuYasha pushed his arms under her thighs, lifted her off the bed as he touched her with his tongue, as he gently overwhelmed her. She shivered in his arms, trembled against his mouth. Senses encompassed in everything that was her, he searched her out, explored the depths of her as she whimpered, as she moaned, as she called out his name. Time and again, she returned to earth only to be caught up once more in the consuming burn, the rush of fire. Relentless heat rose in the smoldering ruins of self-control as Kagome shattered time and again only to be restored by the shelter she found in his arms, in the protection of that he freely gave her.
“InuYasha . . . I . . . need you,” she whispered, her breaths broken by smothered gasps.
Rising up on his hands and knees to lean over her, he reveled in the look in her eyes, the secret knowledge that she was where she wanted to be, and he was the one she'd chosen. She was the one who had brought a peace to his soul, to the inner turmoil of the separate parts of himself.
A scorching heat, a rampant burn as their bodies melded together, and he kissed her, telling her with his actions the things that he wanted her to know. Laying open his heart and bearing his soul to her, she answered with complete surrender, with a voice in his being as she called him home. Her passion soared around him, the unsteady rhythm of her pulse matched his own. Everything she was, everything she could be, everything he'd ever wanted was wrapped up in her. She gave herself to him as he lifted her higher, brought him peace as she surrendered to sensation. The sparkling reminder of the jewel that had hurt so many had saved him, too.
She whispered his name time and again, tangled her fingers with his as he surged in her. Condemning his own desire prolonged her pleasure as their bodies seemed to merge together, so close that they could be one heart, one mind, one soul. The rising tempest inundated him with the tempering yearning in her soft sighs. Her body quaked around him, her fingernails scraping over his back as she struggled to breathe.
And when the ache was almost too much, when he fought to restrain his own rampant desires, she cried out, body contracting as she clung to him, as she lifted her hips against his. The heat, the throbbing ache broke free, and with a harsher cry of his own, he couldn't stop, couldn't think, couldn't breathe, and for a moment, he thought he was dying.
The first thing he noticed as coherence returned were her hands stroking his back. With a grimace, he leaned up on his elbows and gazed down at her. “Am I crushing you?”
She shook her head with a little grin as she kept trailing her fingers up and down his spine. “Nope.”
He snorted and shifted his weight off her before dragging her against his chest. “You wouldn't tell me if I was.”
She snuggled closer and giggled. “Nope.”
“Sneaky wench.”
“Suppose you're tired now.”
She craned her neck to peer at him. “Not at all, dog-boy. Bring it on.”
He was about to retort when a wide yawn interrupted him. Kagome's giggle escalated. “You're getting old, InuYasha,” she teased.
“Old?” he echoed incredulously. “Keh! I ain't never gonna get old, wench. Just watch.”
A soft scuffling sound drew their attention. Kagome pulled the coverlet over them as Inuakamori shuffled into the room rubbing his eyes with a balled-up fist. “Dog was scared,” he said, waving the stuffed dog at his parents.
InuYasha's eyebrows rose but he didn't challenge the child's words. “Dog was, huh?”
Inuakamori glared disagreeably at the stuffed animal and nodded. Remembering InuYasha's admonishment, that men never showed their fear, the boy lifted his chin in quiet defiance. Out of the corner of her eye, Kagome saw InuYasha struggling not to smile.
“We can't let Dog be scared, can we?” Kagome asked as she patted the bed. InuYasha shook his head, giving up before he even tried to argue with her.
Inuakamori climbed onto the bed and settled down happily between his parents. “I think Dog's okay now.”
Kagome hid her own smile. “Good.”
“I hear your daughter,” InuYasha said, flicking his ears to catch the sounds that Kagome couldn't hear.
“Jun ain't awake. She was snoring,” Inuakamori argued, “like a pig.”
“Oi!” InuYasha grumbled as he tossed back the covers and stood up to don his red boxer-briefs before he headed off to retrieve his daughter.
Kagome laughed. Normally when he woke in the middle of the night, Inuakamori headed straight for Shippou's room. Since Shippou had stayed at the shrine, Inuakamori had chosen the next best option, she supposed.
When InuYasha strode back into the room moments later with a drowsing Junkozen in his arms, Kagome was pulling one of his tee-shirts over her head. “Was she awake?”
InuYasha shrugged. “Not really.”
Kagome rolled her eyes and climbed back onto the bed with a grin. “I didn't think so.”
Junkozen crawled over Inuakamori, making herself comfortable on her brother's back as InuYasha turned off his lamp and stretched out on his side. Golden eyes gazing over his children to grin at Kagome, he seemed inordinately proud of himself.
“Goodnight, wench.”
Eyebrows lifting in mock surprise, Kagome blinked as she shook her head. “That's it? No kiss? No nothing?”
He snorted. “Keh. How can I kiss you when I can't reach you?”
Kagome ruffled Junkozen's hair. “Oh, don't even go there, dog-boy. You're the one who just had to go get Junkozen.”
He didn't deny her claim. “Yeah, yeah . . . you still love me.”
She smiled despite herself as she lay down. “Not nearly as much as you love me.”
“Keh. Sneaky wench.”
Kagome giggled. “BakaYasha.”
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~~The End~~
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Inuakamori: Dog of the Red Forest.
Junkozen: Pure child of virtue.
Junko: Pure child. —— Zen: Good; virtue.
True, InuYasha was born on the night of the full moon but since lunar cycles are 28 days, and physical calendars are 30-31 (outside of February) then his birthday doesn't have to be (and isn't here) on the night of the full moon.
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Final Thought from InuYasha:
Happy fucking birthday
Blanket disclaimer for this fanfic (will apply to this and all other chapters in Chronicles: Surprises): I do not claim any rights to InuYasha or the characters associated with the anime/manga. Those rights belong to Rumiko Takahashi, et al. I do offer my thanks to her for creating such vivid characters for me to terrorize.