PurityPurity I loved this story.  I remember when I first got the idea for it, the concept of Kagome sacrificing everything in an act of complete and total love. 

There was so much innocence around this story.  I still lived in a world where reviews were a fantastic thing.  I believed that people weren't really hurtful or mean, vindictive or cruel.  I really thought, there in the beginning, that maybe a few people would read my stories.  I thought they'd enjoy them, anyway.  If someone had told me then that it would explode into what it is now, I'd have laughed in their faces.

This story is and always was dedicated to those first few friends I made online.  IYgirl22, chichiwvu, n10sity, RadioNmyHead ... You guys ... I haven't forgotten you ...



Naraku is gone. Kagome has the jewel. After seeing InuYasha's torment, Kagome faces 'the truth' of his feelings. Kagome does the unthinkable, and in a final act of love, Kikyou offers InuYasha one chance to fix it.  But is he too late?

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