So what do I read?  Hmm ...  

InuYasha Authors (alphabetical order)



An action writer through and through with a good dose of Angst and burgeoning skills with her writing, BakaBokken is really a very talented person, and I am so happy when I get notifications of her updates!



Angst.  Angst.  Angst!  This girl loves her angst!  Another author with promise, I really love her stories and think that she is well worth the time to read---and wait for updates!



This author has come a long way in the realm of fanfiction.  Just amazing, what she's done and how she's grown.  Award winning author on Media Miner, she's absolutely worth waiting for updates!

Non InuYasha Fanfiction Authors
(alphabetical order)

Broken Visage  

A distinctive writing style sets Broken Visage apart from other authors.  The quality of his writing just shines.  Though most of his posted works are original tales, they are highly worth the read.  Beautiful wordsmithing and intrinsic imagery are the hallmarks of his writing, and I am truly thrilled to link him here from my site!


Awesome with details with a very concise style, his fics might not be in fandoms that are well-known, but his work is definitely worth the read!


Award winning Media Miner author and a very skilled artist, to boot, Fanilia's stories are told with a grace and feeling that resembles the brush of velvet on your skin.  One of the few authors who have just completely floored me, she's one of the first I wanted to add to my archive.


Another award winning Media Miner author, her style and skill with prose is just refreshing to read.  Very talented and well-versed in her chosen fandoms, she is a rare author who can draw me in with her tales while knowing very little about her fandoms.  Accented by a great sense of humor, LadyLark's stories are truly worth it!

Lady Macbeth

This woman is just *WOW*.  Her stories are well-written and her writing style is wholly distinctive.  She is another author whose stories don't have to pertain to fandoms I know.  Winning several Media Miner awards, she is completely deserving of such recognition because her prose is absolutely compelling!