Thursday, August 27, 2009

Please, please, please help!!!!

Hey, guys. I really was hoping not to have to ask for help again, but I do. See, we got a letter from the county treasurer/auditor’s office, and the gist of it was that we have to pay both last fall as well as this spring’s taxes on our house or the state will sell it at auction, and while we might have been able to do something if we’d had some time, they only gave us until September 4th to pay it. We just don’t have it. I’ve called family and those I know to ask for help, but again, no one has the money to help us. The total we need is $710.27 by September 4th. Thanks to a sweet forumer who read my posts about this right after we’d gotten the letter earlier today, we only need $500.00 now. Please, if you can possibly help, please please do. Our house is paid for, which means that we just pay property taxes, and we just can’t afford to be kicked out and have to pay rent somewhere, and I know that I’ve asked you all before to help if you can, and so many of you have, and for that, I so appreciate you all.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, and above all, I hope God keeps you safe and well.


posted by Sueric at 6:00 pm  

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