Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Fulcrum

I’ve started a new project that I’m hoping to eventually publish for the Kindle. It’s called The Fulcrum, and it’s a new take on youkai. This one is going to take certain aspects of the fanfictions that are wholly my own invention (not the fanfiction part but some of the ideas) and present them in a new world where youkai have not hidden what they are, where they exist amongst humans yet apart from them, too.


The Fulcrum

Read it here.


The Characters:


Zain Jericho: future tai-youkai, often referred to as the Fourth (meaning the Fourth generation) who has been raised knowing exactly what he is and what his place in life will be. In this world, love is secondary and power is everything. He is loosely related to the dog-youkai but is not strictly classified as one himself since he has assimilated many abilities through what amounts to selective breeding, to an extent. Thought to currently be the strongest youkai in North America, his father notwithstanding. He has benefitted from his parents’ desire to evolve in that, for the first time in known history, he has been given the option to marry for love instead, ignoring the general belief that marriage is little more than a tool to reinforce one’s power.


Kendall Farington: daughter of one of the current tai-youkai’s generals. She is a musical prodigy who attends the Conservatory where she studies piano. This leads to her impromptu meeting with the Fourth, who is quickly mesmerized by her talent. Raised to be every bit the lady she is, she longs for a freedom that she fears she will never have and is engaged to a man she has never met, all because her father believes it to be the best thing for her.



I hope that everyone will support me in this, and I hope that you will also read the story as it goes along. A word of caution: there will probably be edits, and some might be significant as I write. Unlike my fanfictions, this one is crucial in developing a world that can be sensed on every level. For a while now, I’ve wanted to work on something that I can ‘own’, that I can publish, and that, in turn, people who appreciate my writing can do the same. This story might be a bit darker, a bit heavier than the fanfictions tend to be on a whole, and, while I love the Purities and will continue them, as well, right now, this is a story that I think I need to write for me.

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