Monday, August 18, 2008

*sigh* And now, a moment of silence …

So it always happens to me: this sort of sad, empty-ish sort of feeling whenever I finish a story or project.  Granted, I don’t really have that feeling so much when I finish a oneshot, but something a little longer, that takes some time and involvement?  Sure … It always does.


Having just finished Purity 8: Vendetta (the final chapters will be posted in the next couple weeks), I was taking a moment to look back on the stories thus far, and I wonder, you know?  How much of myself really does show in those?  How much of myself have I given away?  No, it doesn’t bother me; not so much, but it does make me wonder if anyone actually does quite understand exactly how much goes into the stories I write?  Let’s put it this way: if you want someone to read something and get out of it even a portion of what you’re trying to convey, you have to put a hell of a lot of yourself into it, to start with.


So, you know.


Anyway, there were a few surprises for me along the way; things that weren’t there when the story was first planned out.  Tanny wasn’t there. Really.  She just sort of cropped up, and I loved her.  She added about twenty extra chapters to the story, but that’s all right.  I think, in hindsight, that the story just wasn’t one that was meant to be told in fifty chapters or less.  It completely screwed up my own timeline, as far as what I wanted to do and have done this year, but that’s all right.  I think the end result was worth it; at least, it was to me.


And now … off to torment Evan, and I have to say that it’s going to be so strange, getting to focus on him for awhile.  He’s … well, he’s a lot of fun to write.  He basically does whatever he pleases and says whatever he wants, so he’s a fun guy, right?  Sure … let’s see if I can keep him on track, right?  Riiiiiiiiiiiight …


Let’s have a moment of silence for Vendetta … I’ll miss that story a lot.


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  1. It’s done, Sue? Say it ain’t so! Well, no, let me step back. All good fics MUST come to an end. **takes a few cleansing breaths** It’s finished; another Sueric masterpiece. **bows head reverently** This was–is–a wonderful addition to the Purity Series, Sue, and it’s been one HUGE emotional rollercoaster but SO what I expected of you in the route you took to write this particular segment. I’ve ALWAYS believed you put much of yourself into the story. I agree that a good story feeds off the author/esses own views, experiences or energy. The trials that came up in your life at the time of your writing this story–the entire Purity series, actually–seem to strengthen the plot and make it more true to life. As much as it can be a trial to write it can also be cleasning and therapuetic. And ‘Dear God’, Sue…that was…it was…I don’t really have any better explanation for it than the comment I gave you one And I’m glad you decided to incorporate a little Evan in the midst of the sotry because, as you warned us, it WAS gritty and dark…but, oh so good to get into and break down. I never really knew I had such a vengeful side till I read it. Most of my comments in reference to the drama with the characters in the story mirror my own life and the ‘What Ifs’ of life and child rearing and just being part of a family and coming together despite our differences; like me and my brother–Evan and Bas–you bury the hatchet in dire times, yanno? You have very much touched me with this one and I thank you because my life’s been topsy turvy for a long time and sometimes these stories are such a wonderful distraction, I couldn’t begin to thank you enough. I’m gushing but never fear, Sue, I’m not stalker-ish! LOL! I just have a love of great Literature. I’ve been like this since 3rd grade. Oddly, I never liked reading all that much but loved a good story and when presented with such with an English project or book report, I INHALED the text, imagining myself touching the masses one day. Hey, I was young and full of youthfull enthusiasm. Well, let me cut this off before I type a friggin’ memoir in here! Tee hee! Thanks for all you do, all you give, and all you share in your works! You. **glomps Sue good**


    Comment by sueroxmysox — August 26, 2008 @ 3:32 pm

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