Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fanarts added, Desideratum Updated

Soooooooooo after weeks of procrastination, I added three linearts to the Fanart [lineart] gallery, all done by BENGbeng!  Enjoy those!!

I also added three new images to Uchinanchu Duckie’s page: one of Nezumi, one of Bas and Sydnie, and one that was a silly challenge on DA but it amused me, so there you go 🙂   Those can be seen on her page.

Some might have noticed, too, that I also updated Desideratum *gasp!!*  Please don’t ask about future updates though.  I’ll update it when I get the urge to, and even then, I highly doubt that many people will enjoy the next chapter, so there’s that, too …

Anyway, back to the ol’ grind.  I’m working on finishing up Avouchment, so look forward to that!

posted by Sueric at 7:42 am  

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