Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Fanart added!

Kind of short and to the point, I guess, but another fanart has been added, courtesy of LadyDragonTamer!  Enjoy!

Consistency 2 by LadyDragonTamer

Consistency 2 by LadyDragonTamer

Gunnar’s great, isn’t he?

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Purity Oneshot: Bellaniece’s Birthday added!

So in celebration of Mel’s birthday, I decided to write a one shot that focused on her two favorite characters: Kichiro and Bellaniece.  You can read it on Media Miner, as always, or you can read it here on the Oneshots page.  Either way, I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did in the writing!  So it’s time for Bellaniece’s birthday, and just what does Kichiro have up his sleeve?  Well, the answer may or may not surprise you … and yes, it is the longest oneshot I’ve written to date: 65 pages in Microsoft Word with 1/2 inch margins, so there’s a lot of stuff in there!


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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Fanarts Added!

Fun, right? I love adding new fanarts 🙂 Anyway, these are from two very talented folks!



Consistency by LadyDragonTamer

and …

Evan and Valerie Kiss

Evan and Valerie Kiss

Evan and Valerie Kiss by Titiana

Enjoy, and thanks, ladies 🙂

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Thursday, September 3, 2009


You know, every now and then, when someone needs help and just doesn’t know what to do, they can do one of two things: they can give up and lose faith and forget that there are good people in the world who understand and who do care … or they can swallow their pride and ask for help, and hope–hope–that they’ll find at least emotional support, even if things don’t work out the way that they hoped.

Thanks to the generosity of people I’ve never met and probably never will (though in all honesty, I really wish I could or would), our house is saved. I cannot even begin to explain just how thankful I am for everyone—not just those who donated to help us, but to those who said a prayer for us, and for those who took a moment to drop me a PM to tell me that they were hoping along with me. I don’t know if you’ll ever, ever know just how deeply you’ve touched my heart and humbled my pride in a very good way, and I also hope that I can find ways to give back to all of you, too, in some way or another.

I just wanted to say a HUGE “Thank You!” to EVERYONE because you all deserve it. My boys, Eric, and I appreciate what you’ve all done for us, far more than you’ll ever know.

May God bless and keep you all, and please know, if there’s ever a time that any of you needs anything at all, please don’t hesitate to ask. As demoralizing as it can be, the alternative to swallowing your pride can always be worse.

All my love,

PS: LadyDragonTamer: I’ll add that fanart to the site … as soon as I figure out what disc I saved the site templates on so I can reinstall them! It’s great, and I’ll comment on it on DA as soon as I can!!

PS: figgerditz: Just so you know, your comment alone was enough to make me cry, and your donation made me sob (in a good way!) For that, I wanted to tell you “thanks”. 🙂 And I’ll get right to work on P9 as soon as I finish Mel’s birthday mega-oneshot … look for that no later than Sept. 12th!

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