Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Subterfuge 144: Confrontations

Since MediaMiner is currently offline for some reason, I’ve decided to post ch 144 here.  If you need the password, you can get it in the Subterfuge thread in the forum.  The catch?  You have to comment either here or in the discussion thread if you read the chapter, even if it’s just, “I read it!  Thanks!”.  Sometimes I feel like I’m posting and no one is hearing me, you know?  Anyway, I’d post the on MediaMiner if I could and I will when it’s back up, but until then, I’ll post them here AS LONG AS everyone who reads the chapters makes some sort of comment.  Otherwise, I’ll just wait until the regular site is back up before I bother to post again.  It sounds mean, huh?  Just remember that it takes me hours to write a chapter out.  It takes a few minutes to let me know you read it, right?

You don’t have to be registered for the blog in order to read the chapter; you just need the password, however, to get the password, you DO have to be registered on the FORUM.

Anyway, the password can be found in <<this post>> and the chapter can be found <<here>>

EDIT: This chapter has FINALLY been uploaded on MediaMiner so go read it there!

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